Career Guidance

Offering guidance is also a major advantage as others in which work in our field and also try to educate the younger years are not offering the career guidance. GCC allows all ages to be able to get in contact with us and gain access to higher education and this is because not only do we allow everyone to access this service but there are also other services within this service that can be used such as, we will allow you to gain assistance with apprenticeships, work experience and scholarships. These are more routes in which students can gain assistance with.

 Our team at GCC, allows students to have the ability to go through and further analyse the routes in which would be available for those to take. Gaining career guidance from our specialised team allows students to feel at ease when attending the interviews with the university of there choice.

Career guidance is offered in many forms at GCC, whether the student prefers to attend our office in person or phone calls. We understand how each student will have different needs, which is why we aim to be universal and accessible to all those that wish to work with us and gain access to there future with us.