College Admission

Although we deal with university applicants our staff are also trained to help and ensure that those who do not wish to attend university also manage to gain education no matter what. Students are allowed to have either university or college application perfected and assisted by us.

Student finance and loans are also assisted by us as this allows students to ensure that they are free of stress and can be assured that their application will be uploaded, submitted and verified all in timing of a couple of weeks from the first initial meeting between the student and our staff.

College is a vital part of the education system and this allows students to make progress into finding the route in which fits them best. Our team at GCC, will allow students to gain assistance with aspects of the future that they find difficult. GCC allows students to build confidence and gain a insight into the routes that will be available to them after they finish there studies.

We offer the following assistance:

  • Cv and personal statement support
  • Application support
  • Mentoring
  • Career guidance
  • Apprentices guidance
  • Work placements
  • Work experience
  • Student finance application

Services in which we provide will be fully usable and accessible to all students in which use us, to gain the best opportunities for them.