Find a University

In partnership, with a wide range of numerous colleges and universities all over the UK to maximise the choices for all our students. Taking pride in our ability to offer more than a limited choice of universities comes with great responsibility as this means we will have to always showcase and meet the requirements of our partners whilst ensuring the future of our students regardless to their qualifications.

GCC Education was established to allow students with limited opportunities and choices be able to still have access to higher education. Aiming to be a education consultant that gets opportunities for all students- international and local.

At GCC, we allow the students to be able to take one of two different routes into gaining a place into their chosen universities.

The first route would mean that depending on the course the student chooses, typically they will need 3 years in a role that would correlate to the course that they are on.

The second route in which is available for students to gain access to university.  Offering a wide range of different universities that also specialise in a wide range of different subjects which can help build a creative essence within all students which only motivates and further pushes each student to hurry their admission process and further embark on this educational journey.

Whether you wish to study medicine, law or nursing – GCC Education will guide and further assist you all the way until you joining lectures and getting the best out of your education.