Student Admission

Our team of highly trained and educated professionals will ensure that your admission goes smoothly whether it is walking you through your interview to ensuring that your Cv and personal statement are up to date. University applications and college applications will be formulated and crafted by our highly trained team of professionals allowing each student to feel confident that they will receive their placement.

GCC Education ensures that both the student and the mentor engage into the admission process from start to finish. Assistance and mentoring is used to allow students to be original but also have expert opinions took into consideration. At GCC, we understand that the admission process is the most vital as this is the transition from lower educational ranks to higher. GCC offers the best advice and a wide range of different templates which can be used to ensure your written documents are undeniable.

We are different compared to other educational consultants as we have a variety of different deadlines meaning we are able to process applications and submit them over a longer period of time compared to other institutes. GCC Education works on applications from July to February. Work alongside an excellent and highly trained team to ensure your access to higher education.

GCC Education aims to create a calm and welcoming presence to all the students.

Take a look at our free services below:

  • We will help you find the right UK university
  • Eligibility check
  • Know about the academic course level
  • One to one mentoring for university and course selection
  • Find the right course to fit international students
  • Find the right scholarship programme
  • How to apply for your visa?
  • Visa guidance
  • Guidance on writing a personal statement and academic Cv
  • Career guidance
  • Work experience
  • Guidance on the UCAS applications

The services we provide are available for all students who use us in order to gain access to higher education.